Green Portfolio’s Commitment To Responsible Investment

We have committed to Responsible Investment by following these steps

  • We have incorporated ESG into our Investment Analysis and decision making process.
  • Our investment reports have dedicated ESG section assuring the investee companies to be ESG compliant.
  • We are trying to be active owners and incorporate ESG into our ownership policies and practices.
  • We are seeking active disclosure on ESG by the investee companies.
  • We are promoting acceptance and implementation of the Principles within the Investment Industry as well as our day to day life.
  • We are focused towards working with other organizations to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the Responsible Investment Principles.

What is responsible investment for us?

The world is in dire need of sustainable actions all across our ecosystem. And we can’t just wait for the government to make mandatory laws for it. We have observed that giving due weightage to sustainability in investment decisions, also increases the returns for investors. So, there should be a voluntary approach. Hence, we, at Green Portfolio, introduced ESG benchmarking into our investment decisions.

While implementing the ESG approach, we carefully selected the areas of concern that we believe are crucial for responsible investment in India. (The description below is only an indicative list. The actual analysis is very in depth and many unique issues – good or bad – may crop up during the research.)


Represents the Environment. Under this, we invest in companies that are:

  • Investing in creating new technologies to replace old environmentally hazardous technologies.
  • Are concerned about their environment footprint and taking corrective actions like treating waste etc.
  • Are not in non-compliances with environmental laws.


Represents Social, under which we have considered the major social concerns that are vital or address the ‘Indian’ Social Issues. Hence we invest in companies that are:

  • Investing in the welfare of their employees in terms of training, skill development and safety.
  • Contributing their bit in terms of CSR expenditure and its effectiveness.
  • Helping local causes like sanitation, schooling, health, education, poverty / unemployment etc.


Represents Governance, which signifies the ethical nature of the management and responsibility towards the minority shareholders.

  • Capable board complying with all the SEBI governance standards.
  • Transparent in their disclosures.
  • Independence in the board.
  • Integrity related incidences in the past.