Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Customized investment solutions for > 50 Lakh investments

Green Portfolio offers the most customized investment products for Value, Growth and Momentum investing.

Our USP’s

  • Investment products for all kinds of investors
  • Staggered parking and liquidation of investments
  • Timing investment flow and parking surplus cash with liquid funds
  • Extensive and continuous research – Documented and shared with investors
  • Diversified portfolio having above 15 stocks
  • Split your portfolio among multiple schemes offered by us
Philosophy - Buying High Quality Companies
  • The company should have survived for a reasonably long period of time
  • The company should be profitable with Return on Equity of atleast 15pc
  • The Debt should be below 1 times
  • The revenues should be growing
  • The Balance Sheet should be strong
  • The company should be paying regular and reasonable dividends
  • Operating margins should be above 15pc
  • The company should be spending on product innovation and brand building
  • The taxes paid should be near the rate prescribed by Government
  • The management integrity, capability, and history should be good
Buying the stocks at the right price

Buying a Company at the right price helps us maintain a margin of safety on your investments. This helps us generate higher potential for capital appreciation. To find the intrinsic worth of the business we do a lot of research on the history of the company, current operations and near term potential growth.

We also lay a lot of emphasis on reading about our companies competitors, to get the exact picture of the business.

The company should be Resilient, have a High Addressable Business Opportunity, should have high capital efficiency, have competitive moat, have a management which is competitive and have integrity. While investing, we consider ourselves as a small owner of the business.

Green Portfolio Smart Index

Sensex (India Index) has risen by over 16% CAGR (compounding) over the last 40 years since inception. This Index constitutes of the most consistent compounders of wealth in India.

Sensex is a free float market weight stock market index of 30 well established and financially sound companies listed on Bombay Stock Exchange of India.

Historically, at a time horizon, only 15-25 stocks in the Index perform while the rest of the stocks underperform. Smart Index carefully selects the best 20-25 companies out of the 30 companies represented by Sensex. This scheme also times the entry and exit through staggered buying and selling. This strategy helps in generating a 2-5 pc alpha over the Sensex returns.

Time Horizon- Minimum 1 Year

Green Portfolio Special (Emerging India Vision Fund)-

This is our Multi-bagger Strategy. Over the years our Fund Managers have consistently compounded wealth by investing in stocks that have become multi-baggers. This is a value strategy where the stocks are selected basis corporate governance, potential to grow, industry dynamics, company fundamentals, valuations, promoter integrity and capability. We also lay emphasis on company strategies of marketing, R&D spend, product capabilities, competition, feed-back from stakeholders etc.

We have a comprehensive report documented, quarterly updated and shared for all the investments done under this strategy.

Time Horizon- Minimum 3-5 Years

Green Portfolio MNC Fund

This scheme invests in Multinational companies with strong parentage, brand, and market share. These companies have access to global research, products and experience and have good corporate governance structure. The primary objective is long term and continuous capital appreciation.

Time Horizon- Minimum 1-3 Years

Green Portfolio Fund of Funds (Mutual Funds)-

Mutual Funds Sahi Hain. Par Kaunsa? This scheme helps you invest in the best Mutual Fund schemes from over 2500 opportunities offered by Asset Management Companies in India. This scheme emphasizes in selecting the right category, timing the investments, and choosing the best funds using a unique philosophy of researching the underlying portfolio of the Mutual Fund schemes.

This scheme helps you in generating an alpha of 1-10pc on your Mutual Fund Investments.

Time Horizon- Minimum 1 Year

Green Portfolio Super 30 Dynamic Fund ( Proven Market Leader Vision Fund )

"Multicap Strategy investing in Established Companies who have been leaders & dominated/sector their industry over multiple market /GDP Cycles.Tactical allocation of capital is done based on Economy Cycle & Company Lifecycle. Emphasis on High Quality Business linked to Indian Consumption & Growth Story, Low Debt To Equity, Sustainability Of Operating & Profit Margins amidst disruption in technology &, Strong Competitive Edge Over Peers( Moat), Visibility Of Earnings & aided by economic/policy tailwinds . Rigorous Stock Selection based on 40 Performance Metrics & 9 Valuation Metrics. Creating Wealth by buying the " Right Business- Free Cash Flow Generating & Strong Balance Sheet " at the "Right valuation " when the uptrend starts & selling when valuations peaks & trend turns bearish. Our proprietary algorithm helps to identify long term trends to determine entry/ exit decisions thereby generating wealth for our partners. Goal is to outperform Indexes, Mutual Funds & Diversified PMSs by 5-8%. "

Minimum Time Horizon: 1.5 Years - 3 Years

Green Portfolio Dividend Yield Fund

This scheme invests in consistent High Dividend shares which are, to some extent, less prone to fall in the market as they have historically assured a minimum return in the form of dividends.

These shares provide a regular income to the investors, irrespective of overall market performance. We build this portfolio with stocks of quality management, good business prospects and high dividend income also ensuring capital appreciation.

Time Horizon- Minimum 3 Years


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