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All You Need To Know About Portfolio Management Services

Diversified Solution

We split the investment amount among our strategies based on your goals and risk profile.

Optimized Entry / Exit

Factoring in your time of investment for taking buy sell decisions in order to optimize for maximum returns.

Dedicated Monitoring

Our dedicated team continually monitors the portfolios, making any changes when necessary.

Risk Management

Staggering the buying process over six months minimizes risk and helps in maximizing investor returns.


Custom Dashboard for tracking performance, downloading research reports etc. You can also interact with the team for all research rationale.

Consistent Performance

Among performers with high alpha and low drawdown, with in category performance in mid caps and small caps.

Our Funds

Special Fund

The investment objective of the PMS business is to consistently grow our investor's wealth through d...

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Super 30 Fund

The objective of this fund is to provide a very high reward but with a higher than usual risk...

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Dividend Yield Fund

The objective of the fund is to generate dividends along with capital appreciation for investors, th...

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Multinational Companies (MNC) Advantage

The objective of the fund is to deliver consistent capital appreciation by investing in multi-nation...

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Impact ESG Fund

Stocks in this fund are backed by companies that respect strong ESG pillars....

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Investment Philosophies

We are bound by our long-term strategy of wealth creation for our investors. We strictly adhere to our core tenets and investment principles which have been the foundation of our PMS. With our team’s conviction and capability, we identify competitive businesses through a bottom-top approach with accurate valuations, even during uncertain and ever-changing times.

We constantly look for businesses which have survived through at least one downcycle. This gives us confidence in the underlying business model and its strengths. A strong balance sheet adds to this thesis, as in a downturn, it helps in survival, but in an economic upcycle, a strong balance sheet enables businesses to grab big opportunities.

In our view, over leveraging is the way to sink a business and weaken its ability to adapt and capitalise on new opportunities. Hence, we avoid businesses that have a Debt to Equity ratio higher than 100%.

A public sector enterprise was incorporated to serve first and make profits later. Other than that, PSEs carry an inherent red tapism in their operational culture, which in our view, makes for inefficient use of resources.

Apart from the basic screening on Return on Equity being greater than 15%, we also look for businesses that can replicate this return ratio on the incremental capital employed as well, as the ability to replicate returns shows the management’s ability of being able to find new avenues of growth for the business in a consistent manner.

We look at businesses that have an operating margin of atleast 15%, along with that operating margins should be improving, an industry high operating margin indicates cost efficiencies, process efficiencies, and many other competitive advantages.

Our Custodians

SEBI Registered Custodian is mandatorily appointed by SEBI Registered PMS to manage fund accounting and custody of funds invested by investors with the PMS. This ensures investor safety and transparency for PMS investors. Green Portfolio has appointed Edelweiss, ICICI, and Orbis as its custodians. Our PMS clients can choose to work with either of these custodian partners. Note: we also offer a completely online onboarding process, for details get in touch with us.



You submit your PAN, Aadhar (proof of address) and a copy of a cancelled cheque.You also provide us with email ID, phone, and mothers name. We prepare a PMS onboarding kit based on your credentials. We courier/email the PMS kit to you within 1-2 working days.

The PMS kit includes a PMS account opening agreement and demat account opening agreement. You courier the signed PMS Kit documents to us after which we send the documents to the custodian, they open your demat account and PMS account within 1-2 days. We share your PMS account details and Client Master List (of your new demat account) with you.

You transfer the investment funds to the PMS pool account. You can also transfer your holding of existing shares to this new demat account for the PMS to manage. The custodian activates your PMS account once funds/shares worth minimum Rs. 50 lakhs are received and we start managing your investments.


Portfolio Management Services (PMS), service offered by the Portfolio Manager, is an investment portfolio in stocks, managed by a portfolio manager that can potentially be tailored to meet specific investment objectives. When you invest in PMS, you own individual securities unlike a mutual fund investor, who owns units of the fund.

Portfolio management service provides you professional management of your portfolio with adequate risk control and continuous monitoring done by our research team.

Yes, an NRI can purchase shares of an Indian company on a stock exchange in India, under the portfolio investment scheme on repatriation and/or non-repatriation basis. A PIO is considered as an NRI and hence all the benefits / conditions apply accordingly.

We furnish the clients with Factsheets on a monthly basis which shows them performance on absolute as well as relative basis, shows them the changes in the top five holdings as well as change in weightage of top five sectors in the fund.

The Client will receive a dashboard from where they can see the latest value and changes on a live basis.

Portfolio Managers are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 2020. You can read about the regulations here.

From a tax perspective, an investor pays tax at the slab rate applicable to his level of income. This is where PMS could be considered more tax friendly vis-a-vis AIF. For example, if an investor in PMS earns Long Term Capital Gains on equity shares of INR 50,000 it is tax free for the investor as the gain does not exceed the limit of one lakh rupees. If it Exceeds 1 lakh rupees, then the Long term capital Gains tax would be levied at 10%.

Portfolio managers should have Rupees 5 Crores as net worth in the company taking the license.

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A portfolio management service (PMS) refers to the practice of having a third party (often a professional fund manager) over see an investor's or business's collection of financial assets. Based on the client's financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, PMS crafts individualized and expert investment strategies.

Financial instruments such as equities, bonds, mutual funds, and more may be pooled together and managed by a professional fund manager in a professionally managed account (PMS). The fund manager uses his or her knowledge to determine how to allocate capital and carry out any necessary transactions in order to help investors meet their financial goals.

High-net-worth individuals and institutions might benefit from PMS's individualized investment approach if they are seeking an alternative to more common investment vehicles like mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). By tracking their investments' performance and keeping tabs on the fund manager's investment decisions, PMS gives investors more information, more options, and more say over their portfolios.

Depending on the institution, asset management firms or investment banks may impose a monetary threshold for investing in PMS. Management fees, performance fees, or both may be charged for PMS, depending on the size of the investment and the sophistication of the investment strategy employed.


To put it simply, portfolio management services enable clients to have their own diversified investment portfolios managed by professionals. Based on the client's financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, these services aim to optimize returns while minimizing risk.

Following are the common procedures of a portfolio management service:

The overarching goal of portfolio management services is to aid customers in achieving their financial objectives through the provision of professional advice and management of their investment portfolio.


Green Portfolio’s Portfolio Management service offers you personalized goal-based investment management solutions for each user tailored to their personal goals and investment needs. We are a research house focused on financial portfolio and asset management.


We believe in buying growth and quality companies that are undervalued, have strong fundamentals, are cash-rich, with low debt, and have strong management.

Not only this, we are disinclined toward PSU. Anti fragility, the ability to generate incremental returns, and improving operating margins are a few parameters that we look into before investing in a company. We strictly adhere to our core tenets and investment principles which have been the foundation of our PMS.



Green Portfolio, rated as PMS in India, brings quality research with accessibility and ease of use to the investor. Our team of research analysts provides original research for our users to invest in the Equities Markets. Since our inception, we have been one of the performing portfolio management services in India consistently. We are amongst the performers with high alpha and low drawdown, with the in category performance in mid-caps and small caps.


Portfolio management services come in a variety of flavors, each with its own specializations and methods. Some of the most frequent forms of portfolio management include the following:



Those who desire professional assistance in managing their financial portfolios may find portfolio management services to be useful. If you outsource your portfolio management needs to a professional, you can take advantage of their knowledge and experience to help you reach your financial objectives. Portfolio managers are experts in the financial markets, the economy, and investment techniques; as a result, they can make educated judgments on their customers' behalf. Managing a portfolio of investments may be a time-consuming task, so this can be a big help.

Portfolio management services provide a number of benefits, including access to professionals, time savings, and a diversified portfolio that can help mitigate risk. You may tailor your portfolio to your individual investment objectives and risk tolerance with the assistance of a professional portfolio manager, who can also help you find fresh investment possibilities you might have missed. Portfolio managers can make adjustments as needed to reflect your changing objectives and comfort level with risk.


The administration of an investment portfolio entails a series of steps known together as the portfolio management process. The usual procedures for this are as follows:



The market regulator has been making efforts to make the PMS business as investor-friendly as the MF industry. In order to continue exercising control, SEBI must guarantee uniformity and openness in the reporting structure. Comparisons have been made between the expense ratios of mutual funds and the fee structures of PMSes across different schemes. The regulatory ecosystem in India should keep pace with the surge in demand for PMS to prevent its mis-selling or misuse.