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FAQ with Divam Sharma

We heard your queries and concerns, here is an FAQ on the top most asked questions during the recent market action of August 2021.

The Road to an “Atmanirbhar” Bharat

Join Anuj Jain and Sreeram Ramdas, of Green Portfolio, for an insightful session on "The Road to 'Atmanirbhar' Bharat".

Introducing Green Ethical Portfolio smallcase: Grow your wealth the shariah way!

Green Portfolio partnered with Islamicly, on the launch of our Shariah compliant smallcase portfolio to invest in diversified basket of leading shariah compliant (Halal) companies created by smallcase experts.

Market Cycles and New Age Investing with @smallcase & Green Portfolio | Angel One

Attend this insightful webinar in collaboration with smallcase for our views on the Indian markets in light of growing inflation and interest rates

Winning in Volatile Markets & Upcoming Global and Opportunities | Invest with Green Portfolio

Catch us live at 5 PM Sep 17,2021, Friday! on "Winning in Volatile Markets & the Upcoming Global and Sectoral Opportunities" with Mr. Divam Sharma - CEO, Co-Founder at Green Portfolio who will be explaining: 1. India - Upcoming manufacturing powerhouse 2. Recent Chinese regulations and their impact on retail investors 3. How to leverage volatility and corrections in these markets 4. Top sectors we are investing in, and why?

Investment strategy with Multibagger returns

Join us for an insightful session on ‘Green Portfolio investment strategy with Multibagger returns’ decoded by Divam Sharma, Founder of Green Portfolio, a SEBI Registered PMS.

Decoding ₹20 Lakh crore economic package

Watch an insightful session on ‘What should investors expect from ₹20 Lakh crore economic package’ by Divam Sharma and Anuj Jain, Founders of Green Portfolio, a SEBI Registered PMS.

The Covid 2nd Wave - The state of Indian Economy and our Investment Strategy

Join Divam Sharma, CEO, Co-founder, Green Portfolio and Sreeram Ramdas, Research Analyst, Green Portfolio for an insightful session on "The Covid 2nd Wave - The state of Indian Economy and our Investm...

Beyond Charts | In my 20s with Green Portfolio

In this video, know more about the people behind Green Portfolio smallcases, and their story of getting into stock markets & investments.

#ASK ME ANYTHING with Green Portfolio

Do you have any Bewildering Investment Questions?!