Impact ESG Fund

The overall objective is to select undervalued stories that will multiply investor wealth over our investment horizon - three to five years. Stocks in this fund are backed by companies that respect strong ESG pillars. These businesses will be heavily adherent to their circle of ESG parameters. The fund utilizes a best-in-class approach wherein we achieve sector diversification and select the finest businesses in those sectors. 

Equal weightage is placed on all three pillars – Environment, Social, and Governance. The fund does not rely on blanket parameters and mechanically calculated metrics, we follow our own methodology in classifying companies, and this subjectivity makes us stand out. In the ‘Impact ESG’ Fund, we have selected companies where there is an actual ground-level positive impact on the ESG side due to the company’s operations.

Launch Date

23rd March 2022




S&P BSE 500



Fund Size

INR 4.63 Crores



Min. Investment

INR 50,00,000

Fund Managers

CA Divam Sharma

CEO, Co-Founder

Divam brings over a decade and a half of expertise in managing stock market investments, complemented by his MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. He is also a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Prior to co-founding Green Portfolio, he gained significant experience working with prominent institutions like Citi Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank. Since the company's foundation, Divam has been a key motivator and leader. His responsibilities encompass client management, business development, and research, where he has made significant and influential contributions.

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CA Anuj Jain

CIO, Co-Founder

Anuj is the CIO and heads the research team that has been consistently outperforming the outperformers. With over 5 years in Financial Consultancy and 15 years of investing in equity markets, he is also a Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He plays a crucial role on the investment committee.

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Our Custodians

SEBI Registered Custodian is mandatorily appointed by SEBI Registered PMS to manage fund accounting and custody of funds invested by investors with the PMS. This ensures investor safety and transparency for PMS investors. Green Portfolio has appointed Edelweiss, ICICI, and Orbis as its custodians. Our PMS clients can choose to work with either of these custodian partners. Note: we also offer a completely online onboarding process, for details get in touch with us.

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Min. Investment

INR 50,00,000


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